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Making Gel Candles can be alot of fun and very profitable!  But it's extremely important to make sure you are making them the right way.  Unfortunately, there are very limited resources available where you can find accurate and detailed info on how to make gel candles properly.  We hope to change that!  Our goal is to provide you the candlemaker, and also the customers, info on the right way to produce these beautiful candles, and to ensure that only the safest gel products are being made and sold on the market and used in peoples homes!  Once the public knows what to look for in a good gel candle, they can feel confident in buying gel candles with the Safe Gel seal of approval. 
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This guide will be long and detailed, so be prepared and be patient.  Please don't skim through, it's important to read it all completely!  Gel candles don't have to be hard to make, but they do have to be made by exact specifications for ensured safety.  For all you new "Gellers", don't let these technical instructions scare you away, just follow closely and you'll do fine!

Safety, Myths
& Scares!
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Note: The information & advice posted by individuals is not necessarily always accurate
and we cannot be responsible for any results you may experience as a result of any such advice.
Following any advice is your own choice and we strongly suggest always double checking,
getting second opinions, researching and testing!

                       Safety Tip!                                                                  Factoid:
Never use baking soda to put out a Gel fire!
Use only a chemical (not water) fire extinguisher!
Water will spread wax fires, and while baking 
soda can be used to put out a paraffin wax fire,
it causes some sort of reaction with gel that can
make the fire worse! 
Many people think that Gel burns 5 times or 7 times
longer than paraffin wax (as seen on many websites).
At one time it was believed to be true, but this is in
fact wrong.  Gel realistically burns only 2 - 3 times
longer than regular paraffin wax candles.

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